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    Why XcelNFT?

    14 peaks - a virtual art based NFT series based on the top 14 peaks of the world.

    Collect and trade digital content based on the culture, people, surroundings, flora and fauna, lifestyle around eight thousanders.

    Xcelverse - a Metaverse project where you can choose a character from 100s of pre-build as well as a self-customized character to start your journey into the high Himalayas. It aims to connect millions of individuals through a virtual platform where you can virtually trek among the most iconic trekking trails in the Himalayas and scale the highest mountains including Mt. Everest and other 14 peaks. The significance of communities, decentralization and ntfs is going to evolve in the future and XcelNft & Xcelverse will lead the way.

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    XcelNft -14 peaks - the collection of arts influenced by the high Himalayas is minting soon...

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