Let your Crypto Earn Earn for you

    Earn upto 30% APR on selected crypto assests. Stake securely and witness your funds grow as you take control of your financial future

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    Staking Plan

    "Stake Smart, Reap Rewards"

    BTC Upto 6% APR

    Coming Soon
    3 months 1.75 % APR
    6 months 2.25 % APR
    12 months 3.5 % APR
    18 months 4 % APR
    24 months 6 % APR
    Coming Soon
    Staking Calculator

    Calculate Your Rewards

    Select a token, amount, CRO lockup and term to calculate your rewards

    See Staking Plan :

    your will have total of


    Daily Profit

    + 0.00005 BTC

    Monthly Profit

    + 0.00146 BTC

    Total Profit

    + 0.00438 BTC


    Steps to Stake

    Top-up Staking Account

    Amplify your cryptocurrency holdings, bolster network participation, and maximize your earnings. Level up your staking game today!

    Choose a staking plan

    Select from our range of tailored staking plans to optimize your investment goals with consistent returns.

    Relax and Earn

    Sit back, relax, and let your crypto assets work for you, earn passive income effortlessly.


    Safe and Efficient Asset Management

    XLD stakeholders enjoy an extra 0.5% p.a. rewards distributed in other assest.

    Coming Soon

    BTC upto



    ETH upto



    USDT upto



    Staking with XcelPay

    Let your crypto earn for you

    Easy-to-Use Platform

    Our intuitive platform makes staking and earning crypto a breeze. No technical expertise required. Simply deposit your assets, choose your staking options, and start earning.

    High Earning Potential

    Stake your crypto assets and watch your investments grow. XcelPay offers attractive rewards and APY rates, allowing you to maximize your earnings

    Security and Trust

    Rest assured that your investments are safe with XcelPay. We prioritize the security of your funds and employ industry-leading measures to protect your assets

    Diverse Asset Selection

    XcelPay supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies, giving you the flexibility to stake your preferred digital assets. Choose from popular options like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XcelPay and more.

    Start staking and earning with XcelPay today!

    Join our community of crypto

    And unlock the potential of your digital assets. Download XcelPay Wallet now to begin your journey towards financial prosperity.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the Terms of Service for using XcelPay Wallet Stake and Earn?

    You can directly access the full Terms of Service for XcelPay Wallet to our Staking Terms of Service Page. Please ensure you read and understand these terms thoroughly before usingĀ ourĀ services.

    What is XcelPay Stake and Earn Program?

    XcelPay Stake and Earn Program is a feature that allows users to stake their supported cryptocurrencies and earn rewards for staking them in the XcelPay Staking Wallet. By participating in the program, users can grow their digital assets and benefit from the rewards generated through staking. It offers a seamless way to passively earn income.

    What cryptocurrencies can I stake in XcelPay Wallet?

    Currently, you can stake BTC, ETH, USDT, XLD, XLAB, SHIB, MATIC, BNB, and LINK in XcelPay Wallet. Additional cryptocurrencies will be added in the future.

    Can I stake funds from my XcelPay Wallet directly?

    No, you need to transfer your funds to the XcelPay Staking Wallet to participate in the staking program.

    What are the staking options available in XcelPay Wallet?

    XcelPay Wallet offers two types of staking: flexible and fixed term. With flexible staking, you can unstake your funds anytime and get the rewards, while fixed term staking locks your stake for a chosen period.

    Can I unstake my funds before the completion of the chosen term in fixed term staking?

    Yes, you can unstake your funds before the chosen term ends, but please note that you will not receive rewards for the unstaked amount.

    How do I withdraw funds from XcelPay Staking Wallet?

    You need to initiate a withdrawal from the XcelPay Staking Wallet to transfer your funds back to your XcelPay Wallet.

    Is there a fee for unstaking before the completion of the chosen term in fixed term staking?

    No, there are no charges for unstaking your funds before the completion of the selected term.

    Is my Wallet secure?

    Yes, XcelPay Wallet prioritizes security. It utilizes advanced security measures and encryption protocols to safeguard your funds and personal information.

    How can I contact customer support?

    You can reach out to XcelPay Wallet's customer support team through XcelPay Ecosystem Twitter Support: Here or Email at: support@xcelpay.io